Long Term Care Services for Elderly

Long Term Care Services for Elderly

Long term care services for elderly people involve some special acts or workouts for any institute or rehabilitation centre. We are familiar with old homes or rehab centres. Many people need proper care, a disciplined diet, healthy lifestyles, and overall guidance. Not only the elderly but also senior people in our society need some relaxation occasionally. Numerous rehab centres, life coaching huts, spas, relaxation spots are widely spread all over the country. In this article, you’ll know what are these services, how to initiate any caring program, goals, and target people. Let’s get started!

Long Term Care Services

Long term services include some rare-known actions or motives. Most of us like career-hunting people or ego-centric ones barely look after elderly people. We do not think about them what we should think more. Even we leave them in old homes without paying any attention. Lots of people don’t turn around after sending their elderly people to some rehab centre or old homes. A long term service for elderly people has some classified services including personal care, medical treatment, rehabilitation, emergency hospitalization, and many more. Let’s describe all the provisions in a nutshell-

Home Health Care

This is more likely a part-time medical service from the dedicated authority and physicians. Every rehab centre or life coaching spot has their permanent or freelancer physicians who work daily or contractual or pay-per- visit. These physicians can be the topmost in the country, maybe they’re a surgeon or paramedic; even armed force doctors are allowed to treat retired army officials.

Homemaker Services

Let’s say, you live in Glasgow and your son/daughter with their children live in Birmingham. And you live alone because of being a widow/widower. So, to maintain or supervise all of your daily tasks, you’ll need a service. Homemaker services are newly developed from life coaches. These people aren’t servant or kitchen workers. But they are just like a companion. Lots of freelancers and regular people, foreign students, human rights executives are working as homemaker service holder for years. They will take care of your diet chart, medicine routine, daily exercise, and shopping. They’re just like a friend of yours. They can watch TV or Netflix, movies, daily episodes with you. Even they can play chess, ping-pong, rummy, or other board games with a group or you only.

Friendly Visitors

Solitude or living alone is a serious matter while the person is an elderly one. He/she often stuck at physical imbalances, mental pressure, anxiety, stress, or random behavioural trauma. To remove these tiny duration causes, elderly people need a motivator or promotor. Friendly visitors are permanent or contractual executives of a life coach/ rehab centre. They come to visit 2/3 times a week, to check diet plan, medicine availability, technical support, travelling support, book/audio CDs collection, etc.

Transportation Services

Transportation services are needed to shift elderly people from rehab/ home to the hospital in an emergency. Not only home to hospital but also this transportation service offers daily ride sessions for a disabled person, ride to amusement parks, lakesides, pavements, etc. Long term transportation services are well-known in the UK and Scotland. Additionally, it offers house shifting or moving from one place to another.

Emergency Medic Alert

Lots of elderly people have been suffering from critical diseases such as cardiac imbalance, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, neural trauma, kidney problems, lungs malfunction, and the recent pandemic. At any moment, these people can experience a severe problem with their devices. Some people use pacemakers, so the battery could be down. Some use dialysis machine, they could be stuck or malfunction. The emergency medic alert is a digital system or more likely a super-advanced tactic for elderly people. The senior can dial or switch on virtual networks to connect with our executives. 24/7 support is available here however if necessary, we send a medic team to the caller ASAP.

Care Services for Elderly


List of Long Term Care Facilities

Honestly, we don’t promote anyone to send your mom/dad to nursing homes or adult rehab centres. You have to make them happier as a child. However, things aren’t that easy these days. Lots of responsibilities, career planning, personal problems, family pressure- everything makes a man/woman so much stressed and worried. One of my friends sent her elderly dad to a nursing home last month, due to excess workload and not caring so much towards parents. Long term care (LTC) facilities have many types or classification. Let’s have a look-

Independent Living House

Elderly people can find an independent resting place to pass his/her lifestyle comfortably. Mostly these houses or apartments are placed outside city chores or industrial areas. An entirely pure, sophisticated, green area to live the rest of the life. No hefty tasks, no severe responsibilities, and acute discipline are the notable factors in these apartments. All types of facilities like TV, radio, internet, wifi, kitchen appliances, bedroom appliances, furniture, etc are pre-assembled and built-in.

Adult Homes

The adult home is the updated name of ‘old home’ because due to some human rights act and jurisdiction, ‘old home’ is illegal in some regions. However, an adult home is a versatile place for mid-age to elderly people. Even a 40-year-old man can live in adult homes. All types of facilities like smart digital systems, technology, cyber world, house applications, leisure indoor games, easy outdoor games are available in these homes. People who live here are happy, friendly, and cooperative.

Family & Friends

Oh, never be so gloomy or sad! Here everyone is everyone’s relative. Missing your family or friends? No worries, here’s everyone. Besides, the executives working here are the best friends for elderly people. They take proper care of diet, meal, medicine, treatment, and hospitality. Anyone feels sad or exhausted, a concerned executive or official or agent negotiate with the victim, try to make him/her happy in an instant. In such a wide area of land, elderly people find their companions or mates always. They make groups, gossips, plays, negotiates most of the leisure time.

Lifecare Communities

Lifecare communities are just like retirement schemes or insurance policies. Each local government fixed remuneration for elderly people, monthly. Community executives have a duty to enter the name of customers, update data and particulars, make smooth transactions of the amount. Moreover, numerous charity society and humanities group offers monthly sanctions, gifts, Christmas tokens, special day gifts, etc all around.

Recreation & Sports

Recreational and sportive events are a special attraction for rehab spots. In these events, family members of elderly people are cordially welcomed. Looks like a big party in a festive mode. Similarly, there are lots of scopes to show skills in sports. Indoor games like chess, dots, darts, board games, etc are easy to shuffle or play anytime. Outdoor games like running, skating, jogging, golf, athletics, etc are occasionally arranged by the organizer. Special guests or VIPs are invited to those outdoor events. Besides, real family members and friends are sent off an invitation card to join such collaborative works.

Nursing Home

Nursing homes are the most ancient places for disabled people and parentless children. These days, nursing homes don’t lose their fame and esteem. It sounds a little awkward to send elderly people to a nursing home but nowadays these homes are smarter than our regular house. All types of facilities except uncontrolled appetite, sexual desire, and adult media are available in these nursing houses.

Long Term Care Facilities


Why Choose HEALED Care Home

Healedcarehome is a US-based life coaching & training centre supervised by Dr Roni Deluz. Her smart ideas and innovative modern tactics help a lot of people already. Why she is so famous and being published in magazines recently? Let’s check out her strategies-

Disciplined Diet

Elderly people need a disciplined or strict diet plan because of obesity or weight-gaining. We set an exact nutrition plan for each senior person or client. In the sanatorium, we look after each and everyone sequentially. We check their temperature, physical balances, metabolism, and diet plan every day. Weekly blood electrolyte checkup and urine test is our routine work.

Exact Drug

Physicians vary their pharmacology chapters to issue different types of drugs for one disease. Every drug is essential but duration matters. Some work great, some later. But we prescribe the exact and accurate medicine for our clients. We consult with a group of physicians without informing our clients. This is a sophisticated way of treatment. After negotiation and consultation, top-class physicians suggest their medicine. We set those for our clients and watch for 72h. If it doesn’t work that perfect, we replace drugs.

Physical Fitness

Fitness and daily exercise are important for our physical flexibility. Elderly people suffer from obesity, osteoporosis, knee joint problem, ankle problem, spinal cord dysfunction, and hip bone mismatching. Among all of these creepy diseases, obesity is the gigantic one. All source of diseases is this obesity. If we control this obesity, we can live a better lifestyle. Our main motto to the elderly person is- “keep your fitness, get the zero-tolerance.

  • LTC needs the expertise, experience, and skills of elderly people to use those in our lifestyle. Utilizing the intellect is the main target of LTC.
  • Non-developing areas in Asia barely work for superior members. Almost 13% of people are living at nursing homes in the Philipines. LTC wants to promote their provisions into those dark areas.
  • LTC promotes their business and personal emblems to backward regions. It is their goal to reveal benefits and privileges to everyone including elderly people.
  • Enhancing skilled projects, collaboration, medical facilities, leadership, and communication medium is a major goal of LTC.

There are more minor targets, personal goals, quality assessment, individual assessment, and overall security of these senior people. LTC changes its plan and strategy each year. In the upcoming 2022, there must be some topics regarding the pandemic issue in this world.


Cost of Long Term Care

Long term care (LTC) costs are variable and categorised. LTC starts its plan from 55y people to above. There are three categories: single male, single female, and couple premium package. All costs are taken per annum. LTC offers an insurance policy to everyone who takes their plans. We’d like to show the costs or expenses graphically-

In the figure, we’ve simply shown the lowest, highest, and average cost range. LTC insurance policy is included with this cost. Based on packages, the policy or reimbursement varies. For example, Mr X selected the $2000 package. So, he’ll be offered an insurance policy of $1080 per annum. He can take it at a time or monthly $90. All facilities are excluded from this policy. Mr X doesn’t have to pay extra money for staying or other terms. For better understanding, we’d like to show a tabular format of this cost chart-

Average Lowest Highest
Single male $1,700 $1,876 $3,081
Single female $2,675 $3,141 $5,085
Couple premium $3,050 $4,825 $8,534

So, the average cost is lower than the lowest one. Lots of people often look for this average cost. Couple premium packages seem a little higher than individuals. Because the sum of a single male and female turns out $8,166 on the highest scale however the couple’s highest premium package is $8,534. Besides, the average scale is fair enough. The discrepancies here because of facilities and couple-premium gold insurance policy. You can take the highest scale LTC individually. It wouldn’t affect the policy so much.

Recently, the covid19 has struck hard on our elderly people. Every day people are dying like flies. In this pandemic, numbers of nursing homes, old homes, sanctuaries, sanatoriums, and life coach nirvanas shut their business. It affects the insurance policy as well as the overall economy. However, some LTC spots still running their humane activities for homeless senior citizens.


Our Client Reviews

“Long term care services are an innovative and creative treatment for senior citizens of our society. Pretty often our superiors get them involved doing something creative or connected. For them, this LTC is like a career startup. I’ve supervised a bunch of nursing homes however I found HealedCare institute the best of all. Their smart and creative procedures make many clients happy so far. I wish good luck to HealedCare.” – Edmund Robert


“Healedcare institute is a sophisticated platform for elderly people who want to pass their life smooth and calm. Here you can find proper diet plans, a top-class medical team, nursing privileges, weekly twice visit from agency executives, and many more. In a word, a compact package for senior citizens. At this age, people need peace, fun times, friends, and books. Healedcare provides and supports all sort of these things, carefully. You can pick their packages without any hesitation.” – Ashley Godfrey


“I’m a physician and part-time employee of a prominent nursing home. I have a couple of clients there who are 60y or plus. I visit them twice a week to follow up on their diet chart, drugs, other facilities or requirements. I think this LTC trend should be more enhanced by others. We should promote these guys who spend their life with elderly seniors. Healedcare institute is a growing centre with smart technologies. I wish them good luck!” – Ronda O’Neil


“Hi, this is Sid from the famous FedEx express services. Last year I sent my dad to a nursing home in Nottingham including all privileges. It was a premium package per annum and my dad also got the insurance policy. He was so happy to find his old school buddy. It was like a festive mode that day and I also visited there to celebrate the moment. Due to my 24/6 duty, it was rare to seek free times for my dad. But I like the nursing home and LTC plans.” – Sid Mahoney


“Grandma called me last day to celebrate friends day with her new friends. Last month, we shifted her to Nirvana because of her boredom, improper diet, zero fitness, and arthritis. Within 15 days, she has surprisingly improved her diet, muscles, and stamina as well. She was a homemaker cum writer in her times. She noted everything from last month and shared it on her blog. This nursing home made her bloom and creative. I feel so proud of her & nirvana.” – Alisha Patel


“As a real estate executive, I can’t afford enough time for my parents. We are busy people, me and my hubs, both. Almost 16 hours we stay outside the home where two elder people exist. I can’t see them sick or frustrated. So, I decided to send’em to a life coaching centre. Luckily, I found Healedcare from the internet and contracted ASAP. I took a couple of premium packages and sent my parents here. To date, they’re happy and cheerful. No stress, no sickness, unlimited fun all the time.” – Pauline Cezara


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between nursing homes and long term care?

Nursing homes emphasise medical and physical matters. A nursing home has lots of physicians, paramedics, and nurses. They’re trained for medical appliances, organic tests, and drug sectors. On the contrary, a long term care institute isn’t just a medical centre, it is a rehabilitation centre as well. People can find proper diet, treatment, and lifestyle here.

How much does long term care cost per day?

Per day cost varies zone-wise or package-wise. The highest and elite class packages must be expensive. It costs around $46 per day in Australia for the couple scheme. It means per head $23 in a day. It includes all medicines, diet, refreshment, other charges. If you want additional privilege or materials, you’ll have to pay extra bucks. The lowest per day cost for a single man is $8.44 that is reasonable because the insurance policy rebounds some of this cash.

What’s an example of long term care?

Long term care consists of some fabulous methods or sections like diet planning, nursing, dressing, bathing, travelling, fitness, meditation, and fun time. As the name ‘long’, it takes minimum 6 months to maximum 2 years in any package. You can pay per month or annum. Every package has its relative insurance or reimbursement policy. Long term care is the overall physical and mental treatment for elderly people.

Is home care is cheaper than a nursing home?

Yes. Home care includes homely support from a nurse every day. You can assign her monthly or daily. Usually, home care nurses cost $180 – 250 based on their experience and rate. Many freelancer nurses are working good recently, you can hire them at reasonable prices. Nursing home costs much because of maintenance charges, medical equipment, accessories, and other peripherals. You cannot get all facilities from home care unless you have proper tools or equipment. Usually, nursing home costs $600 – 800 monthly with all its privileges.

What is the main goal of long term care?

The primary and major goal of long term care is personal assistance round the clock. Elderly people, senior citizens, VIPs need long term care treatments occasionally. Especially, those rural people who are frustrated in the civil society, seek peace and happiness at their old ages. They love green areas, calm environment, coral reef, gentle wind, shining stars and moon in the crystal clear sky. Long term care packages can afford all of these heavenly requirements.


Bottom Line

Long term care services for elderly people isn’t that easy to do for general people. It needs proper training, special courses, practical experiences, and creative skills. Moreover, everyone cannot be a life coach or long term care executive. Because they must have a crystal clear mind full of soft corners, feelings, devotee attitude, and gentle. Elderly people are sensitive because of their physical or mental trauma. To deal with them, we have to be more smart and friendly. Later, we’ll return with some classy article regarding elder assistance, living, etc. Stay connected with us.

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Dr. Roni DeLuz

Dr. Roni DeLuz is a Naturopathic Doctor, has a PhD in Natural Health, Registered Nurse, Certified Colon Therapist and certified Hypnotherapist for over 25 years.

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